TRIPLE TEASE – Launching Tony Flood’s “spicy crime thriller!”

A NEW edition of Triple Tease has been published in August 2021 with an updated cover and an additional chapter! So please take a look at Tony’s website for more details. Please see below!

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  These are edited highlights from Eastbourne Author Tony Flood launching his spicy crime thriller TRIPLE TEASE set on the South Coast. Featuring comments from Coronation Street actor Brian Capron and international best selling author Tamara McKinley and a reading by former West end star (The late) Alan Baker. Peter James, Patrick Kearns have given TRIPLE TEASE glowing reviews, (The late) Alan Baker says “It’s a riveting thriller and the sex scenes put Fifty Shades of Grey into the shade!”

Filmed/post production by Carbury Films

For details about Triple Tease, including special offers, go to the website:

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