The Aspergerational Poet – Philippa Drake Volumes 1&2


Now Completed

The Aspergerational Poet – Philippa Drake.
We were approached by one of our clients Philippa Drake who had a video made for her just over four years ago. This short video was used for promotional purposes for her first publication “Lyrical Musings”. We have now completed building a website for Philippa via our associate company Skorbik-Multimedia as requested by her to further promote her first book and the new book coming soon entitled “Enclosed in Wings” along with an accompanying video to cover the second book and progression of The Aspergerational Poet in the last four years. This latest video was completed in early 2019 and was made by us (Carbury Films).

YOU CAN VIEW THE VIDEOS BY GOING TO THE LINK BELOW and Take a look at  the website which was built by our associate company Skorbik-Multimedia. OR by scrolling further  down the page where both videos are  listed!


A Poet who suffers from Aspergers Syndrome reads excerpts from her published works and reveals what it is like living with this condition and demonstrating that this does need not need to limit your aspirations.

 Check out the second video in the series entitled The Aspergerational Poet Volume 2!

 For Volume Two Philippa discusses the new book due to be released (date:TBA) entitled “Enclosed In Wings” and also discusses being a poet and the challenges she faces living with Aspergers Syndrome.

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