Please read this Privacy Notice carefully. We will detail what information we collect about you if any below.


Carbury Films is a small independent Film and Video production company based in the South-East of the United Kingdom which covers most aspects of film/video.


Whilst we aim to ensure that the data collected applies to each project only, we may have to use other more personal information to deliver the right results for the client/customer. These may include details about you or your company if applicable, contact details so that we can stay in touch with you if you so wish (any correspondence will not be in the form of a marketing email but will be in the form of a direct response/initial contact), project details and notes for a specific project. Additionally, email correspondence may be kept electronically as well as hardcopies of any correspondence between you and our company plus any notes/project details that may exist for the duration of a project. We may also keep archived copies of this data for post project review before deletion/destruction. Contact details for individuals which may be collected are email addresses, land-line telephone numbers, mobile phone numbers and fax numbers (if applicable). As stated elsewhere in this document we do not send out marketing/promotional emails to any client or customer at this time or for any reason, however we may change or update this Privacy Notice to reflect changing company requirements and latest Data Protection Regulations.


We may also require other data relating to or regarding an individual or company for marketing or promotional purposes. These may include submitting personal data to services which may include Online Encyclopedias, Social Media Websites, Reviewer/Travel Websites, Testomonial Websites and any Online Directories to boost the public profile of you or your business. We may also optimise you or your company through various search Engines to achieve a higher page ranking on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) with your prior consent given to us to allow this. For video production services the data kept will also include the credits of any production, project name/title, which deliverables are used for distribution and any other online marketing that is related to any given film/video. Video tags may also be used to enhance the chances of the video being found on video streaming services and or organised in to certain categories to help maximise the chances of the film/video being seen by the appropriate audience. We will also where necessary give out written consent forms for photo release (consent to appearing on camera or being recorded), marketing consent forms to allow us to market/promote your finished film/video as agreed at the commencement of any project.


Cookies are automatically set by web browsers and store a small amount of information on you/your device. These will be collected by us but you can delete all cookies from this website. You can also delete related cookies using your browsers' privacy settings and or turn off the collection of cookies either when all windows/tabs are closed or by quitting the browser.


We store your data electronically on our local IT systems and also as stated elsewhere in this document we keep hardcopies of correspondence and project information. This helps us refer, change or amend any information relating to you or your business and will not be shared with anyone. We also do not store your data on shared IT systems or networked IT systems or any shared platform where your data could be seen by third parties or anyone else. We take the secruity and privacy of your data very seriously and any data that you wish no longer to share with us can be deleted/permanently erased. We also do not use smart devices e.g. (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches) ect, to store your personal or sensitive data in any way. However if you send a text or call our mobiles we may respond by text or call you back. We can of course delete/permanently erase this data, which may include mobile numbers, text messages and any other related contact information that we may have on you or your company electronically on our mobile phones. This data in most cases will not be printed to obtain a hardcopy and will remain localised on the mobile phones and not shared or sent out to third parties or individuals so this information will be between you and our company ONLY. Most data is stored on computers or in hard copy so as to keep your data more secure and private at any given time. However if data is to be shared with third parties or other companies for marketing purposes we would advise you to read their Privacy Policies so you are fully aware on what if any additional data they may hold on you or your company.


We may need to share certain data with third parties, however we strive to ensure that ONLY the necessary data is passed on to any third party. Other personal information may include or relate to your work and career successes and or business profile information. We will not sell or forward or share personal/sensitive information by any means with any third party without your prior consent, knowledge and agreement.


All consent forms for any purposes and other related documentation mentioned anywhere in this Privacy Notice will need to be signed in person by the relevant individuals, at the commencement of the project/(s) we will either have them posted to you or we will bring them with us in person to be signed and returned to us if not collected in person.


If you are still uncertain of what data may be collected and how it may be used then please contact us.

Carbury Films is the parent company of Skorbik-Multimedia.

All information contained in this Privacy Notice is correct at the time of publication, 24 May 2018.   Latest edition 4.0
(The Current Version of this Agreement is 4.0 and is applicable from 2019 to 2022!)